Puppets at Work

Mission Statement

The Puppet Shakespeare Players is a troupe dedicated to bringing Shakespeare’s work to the masses. Our mission is to reinvent and reimagine the Bard’s work through comedy, puppetry and a variety of other mediums while staying true to the original intent and spirit of Shakespeare’s plays. It is our belief that these works promote conversation across backgrounds, cultures and ages through language, poetry and pure entertainment.





We believe in Shakespeare. His stories are truly timeless and are a testament to the human spirit. We interpret Shakespeare through a technique called the First Folio Technique. This method of acting and reading Shakespeare is based on the First Folio Texts, an early publication of the works that are as close as we can get to what Shakespeare actually wrote. This technique was taught to us by Shakespeare Guru John Basil who has been working with the texts all over the country for over 20 years. We scour these original texts for clues that Shakespeare embedded in the writing itself, these clues inform our artistic choices and (we believe) connect us to Shakespeare’s original intent. For more information on the First Folio Technique check it out the Wikipedia article or find the full texts online for free.  


If you would have asked me three years ago what I thought I would be doing in 2012, I NEVER would have mentioned puppets. Now, after working with puppets for two years, I have come to realize that puppets are theater magic. Puppets give such specific life to different characters; they can be built to highlight aspects of character that we want to exaggerate or to direct attention to certain ideas in Shakespeare that are so often hidden behind flowery language (and flowery acting). Puppets are also an attention magnet, maybe its just the brightly-colored fabric, but something about a puppet onstage commands attention in mysterious ways. I continue to be amazed by what puppets can accomplish. As our puppeteers create their puppet alter-egos we will be posting videos and updates so you can meet the cast! Stay tuned for more info.