Puppet Shakespeare produced one of the most extraordinary performances that our teachers and students have enjoyed in years! The entire cast was gracious and professional to work with, and it was a complete delight to host them at our school. The wit and playfulness of their take on Hamlet held our students’ attention from the very beginning, and every member of the troupe made certain to make Shakespeare accessible to our group
— Lee Hollman, Teacher, PS 153 The Hellen Keller School (Bronx, NY)

The Mission

to show every single young person that Shakespeare doesn't have to be boring!

Puppet Shakespeare's unique take on the Bard combines a first folio approach to the text with modern references and humor in order to highlight the living nature of Shakespeare's work in the modern age.


The Shows

The Puppet Shakespeare Players have been able to get to the heart of Shakespeare in all his bawdiness, silliness and tragedy.
— -- Paulanne Simmons, NY Theatre Wire

Our Shows:

-- Puppet Hamlet

-- Puppet Romeo and Juliet

-- Puppet Titus Andronicus


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Our primary goal is to get kids interested in Shakespeare. If there's any way we can get our show to your school -- we'll do it! If you think your organization could benefit from a Puppet Shakespeare show, please use this form and we will work with you to create a solution.

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