The Puppet Shakespeare Players are proud to announce…


Nurse dies

“’tis the most incorrect and indigested piece in all his works. It seems rather a heap of rubbish than a structure.”

–Edward Ravenscroft 1678

It’s true, everyone’s favorite Shakespeare canon punching bag is has arrived in New York City! Puppet Titus Andronicus is a fresh, comedic take on Shakespeare’s “worst” play, featuring silly-string gore, a bunch of angry goths, a villainous anthropomorphic boar and all of the deaths, dismemberment, cannibalism and crimes against humanity that make “Titus” the “poetic atrocity” that it is.

Puppet Titus will be performed in The Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row (410 w. 42nd st @ 9th ave)

Previews begin July 24th!

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